Plan Printing

Ordering Your Plan Printing

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Plan Printing

We are specialists with the construction industry. Printing wide-format plan printing in Colour and Black&White. We print sizes from A4 to A0.

Reductions and enlargements available of plans.

Print-it Colchester can print from hard copy or digital files. Perfect for industries such as Garden Design, Construction, Electricians etc.


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Wide Format Scanning

Our large format scanning services tend to be used by a number industry sectors in particular. These include building and construction, architects, councils and design. All of these work with over sized documents that can’t be scanned on a high volume scanner.We can scan up to size A0 creating digital copies of existing documents.


Laminate your documents to protect them from wear and damage. This is a great solution if you are working on site and need your plans protected from the elements.

We are able to laminate up to A0 size.



Whether it's a single page or thousands of pages, our modern digital printers ensure a high quality result of all your printed matter; from bids and tender documents, to training or safety manuals and legal documents. 



There are various options available for you to choose how your documents are finished, from simple corner stapling and hole punching to binding with a front and back cover.



We are one of the few companies who can print directly onto transparencies- tracing paper in Colour and Black&White up to A0. We can also scan Transparent plan prints creating reprints or digital documents up to A0.