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Image by Tamara Malaniy


Print-It Colchester offers a wide range of labels, in various sizes and shapes in both colour or black and white, our label printing is available provided in high quality digital printing.

Our labels are also available in custom sizes and quantities and we have no minimum order requirements.

Prices vary depending on design, size and quantity. Please give us a call or email us to discuss your exact requirements.

Image by Scott Warman

Why Labels?

Labelling a product is very important. The product label gives it a little more information on the product package, which helps to provide a better description. Labelling offers more market information than the packaging itself as there’s more information on the labels than the packaging. Packaging also is vital since it helps to identify a particular product in the market environment. Product promotion in the market is the fundamental reason for labelling. 

Several factors are considered when labelling is being done, e.g. the shape, the size and the material. In the market world, these mentioned above factors have a crucial function in the customer shelves. A lot of information is displayed on how to use a product and how to throw it away. Labelling is for security matters to prevent the development from being mishandled. This is why we talk of trademarks or the logo design of the product. These are some of the critical importance of labels affecting and bringing the difference in the market place. 

Based on the product and the rules and regulations of a country and the product you are labeling, you must record a particular system of information on the product label.

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