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Image by Christophe R.

NCR Pads

Print-It Colchester offers a wide range of NCR Pads, in various sizes from A6 to DL and are available in a range of colours.

Our NCR Pads are also available in custom sizes and quantities and we have no minimum order requirements.

Prices vary depending on design, size and quantity. Please give us a call or email us to discuss your exact requirements.

Notepad with pen

Why NCR Pads?

NCR stands for 'no carbon required'. NCR pads are used for creating different copies of the same form. For example, if you need to provide a receipt to your customer, you can use an NCR book to create an instant copy. Then you can save and file the duplicate or give it to your accountant. NCR pads are also known as NCR books and NCR sets, and duplicate pads.

In the past, people may have used carbon to achieve the same effect as an NCR pad. However, this method is more time consuming as you a sheet of carbon paper is placed underneath the writing paper, with another layer of paper on the bottom.


It requires a lot more effort to achieve the same results as an NCR Pad.

As technology has advanced other means of duplicated documents has become available. Photocopiers allow you to make matching copies easily. However, NCR pads allow you to create prints straight away and are easily portable, allowing you to give the customer a copy while creating a duplicate for your records.


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