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Print-It Colchester offer posters in all sizes, including A0, A1, A2., A3 and A4. in either colour or black and white.

Our posters are available in custom sizes and quantities and we have no minimum order requirements.

Prices vary depending on design, size and quantity. Please give us a call or email us to discuss your exact requirements.


Why Posters?

If you are thinking about ways to promote your business, product, event or service, then Posters formats could be a great option for you. Posters work great at advertising to large audiences quickly and effectively. 

Posters are designed to be a temporary advertisement or promotional tool, that can be changed once the promotion ends or changes and are a very cost effective promotional tool.

Posters are single sided documents and are available in a variety of standard sizes, including bespoke custom sizes to fit display boards, windows or specific advertising spaces.. 

Posters should be eye-catching and deliver clear information on what you are looking to promote.

Print It Colchester use our top of the range digital printers to create  rich and distinctive colours which provide the sharpest quality poster prints.

This means that your poster will always look clear and professional, and the poster quality wont be compromised.

We offer posters on 170gsm poster paper and 200gsm Photo Satin paper.

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