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Wedding Stationery

Print-It Colchester offers a variety of wedding stationery printing, including Invitations, envelopes, save the date cards, table card, and table plans in a variety of materials to match your budget and wedding style.

Prices vary depending on design, size and quantity. Please give us a call or email us to discuss your exact requirements.

We also print wedding photos.

Image by Wijdan Mq

Why Wedding Stationery?

When planning for a wedding, wedding stationery can often be a low priority on the list. However it is an essential part of all weddings and should not be overlooked, the stationery you use begins the journey of planning your big day, it provides all the logistics regarding the wedding day, and provides guest with an insight into the style of occasion, and what to expect from the day.

The wedding stationery chosen sets the tone for the wedding. and provides guest with the information they need including how they should dress for the day, and what kind of day your wedding will be. The wedding stationery is the first thing anyone can see and touch when it comes to your special day. The colours, patterns, design and wording are all messages to your guests as to what they can expect on the day. It’s a great starting point, gets everyone excited, and is a needed source of information to them.

The main function of the invitations of course is to communicate essential information: who, what, where and when. Your guests need this information ahead of time so they can make plans: book hotels, take time off work if need be or buy a new hat. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small or large affair, this information is vital.

The way in which you communicate this information is important. The look and style of the invitations are an indication of the formal style of the wedding they are invited to. The use of colour in the invitations can be used to convey information about the styling throughout the day, while the tone of the text is a clear indicator of the formality of the event: a card that reads :put your glad rags on, it’s time to party!” will hint at a laid back, informal affair, while “we request the pleasure of your company” suggests a more formal event. All of this information is helpful for your guests.

While your wedding stationery first and foremost needs to convey key information, your invitations are a wonderful opportunity to showcase your style & personality as a couple. And do what makes you happiest: go bold and play with colour if vibrant shades are your style,  tailor the invitations to match your couple style, and make the language as formal or informal as it feels appropriate for you. Your wedding is a celebration of you as a couple, and your wedding stationery should showcase that.

Whilst Wedding Invitations are a vital part of a wedding, you can also offer save the date cards, table numbers and settings, table plans and many other printed format wedding stationery you want. Matching stationery is an added detail to any wedding that wants to showcase the commitment being made to each other.

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